Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Doors Opened...

and the crowds rushed in!

The day was a stunning success. We were busy pretty straight from 11am to 6pm with people who might never had otherwise made the trek down the North Shore HIghway. It was a wonderful day, despite the fact that it was pouring buckets in the morning. The rain stopped and the people came and really looked and engaged.

Some pictures:

Marlene Simms of the Humberview Bakery came and sold some her baked goods. She bravely set up despite the grey clouds and was rewarded with a dry day and lots of eager customers. Her mother, father and niece Holly spent much of the day here as well and they were all delightful. Marlene said next year she will bring her Newfoundland pony and we will have pony rides! Here is Marlene with two people who can barely take their eyes off the goods.

Jim Butt (in the yellow shirt) came for the afternoon with his collection of insects--all of which can be found right here in Gilams. It was fascinating, if not a little disturbing too. Jim knows just about everything about insects, plants, trees, and more. Jim kept us all eeewww-ing and yuck-ing all afternoon. He also has become my source for information about local plant for my dyeing experiments.

Olive agreed to sell some her jellies, which were voted #1 at Gillams Day. People with great wisdom snatched them up. She donated the remaining, unsold jars to THM. We graciously accepted the donation--it was a tough decision but we managed.

Talk about win/win!

Here are some of the goods:

Wee Ball Yarns, handspun in the Bay of Islands.

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Patti Blaine said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a perfect day, and that wool is lovely to look upon.