Friday, August 24, 2007

More South Shore

We had another spinning frolic the othe day. Our friends have a cabin in York Harbour on the South Shore of the Bay of Islands that is a little piece of paradise and even sometimes a little scary--we have been there when water witches have been screaming off the bay and the idea of a cabin perched on the edge of the ocean suddenly seems like a rather suspect notion. But not earlier this week. All was calm and beautiful, at least it seemed that way when we looked up from our work.

As the local pusha-man, I managed to hook two more people on spinning by bringing one of Janine's beautiful fleeces to work with. One thing about group dyeing is that we encouraged each other to try more and more interesting combinations, which we were then very impatient to spin up so we set it near the wood stove.

The two first time spinners were fearless in making colour combinations and they made fantastic looking yarn, making me feel very uptight for wanting to be all consistent and subtle. We split the riches at the end and I came away with one skein of yarn to die for. I had to immediately knit it up:

I set aside my other project. Can you guess why?

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