Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Doors will be Open!

Tomorrow, The House Museum will be participating in the 2007 Doors Open event, along with three other sites along the North Shore and several in Corner Brook. Doors Open is an annual event that happens around the world when places of cultural, historic and/or architectural significance open their doors at no charge to the public. I was thrilled this year when the curator at the Corner Brook Museum and Archives called me and invited THM to participate. I really felt like I had arrived!

Since THM is always free to the public, I needed to do something special to mark the day, so there are some activities planned to make it a fun time for all. You can check out the website for the details but here is a quick synopsis:

Gillams resident and amateur entomologist, Jim Butt, will be on hand with his collection of local and exotic insects.

The Humberview Bakery of Irishtown will be selling their delicious baked goods.

Olive Murphy's prize-winning famed jams and jellies will be on sale - a rare event!.

Get a sneak preview of Wee Ball Yarns! For a fixed donation in support of The House Museum, visitors will receive their choice of this hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn. All visitors will be entered in a contest to win a handknit hat made with Wee Ball Yarn.

Complimentary coffee, tea and juice will be available to all visitors.

PS. Did you notice something about handspun yarn there? More later on that...

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