Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labour Day

In honor of the holiday, some pictures of our recent labours:

We got 10.5 jars of jelly from our day out. But I forgot to put aside some for muffins, etc. so we will have to go back. Where? I'll never tell!

I collected some lichens when we picked blueberries to make some dye, but it didn't turn out so interesting. At the last moment, I tossed in some onion skins I had around and it made a lovely colour. The top picture is the wool I mordanted with alum and cream of tartar, the bottom is some that I just tossed in the pot to see what would happen.

Two of the fleeces that Janine sent - the brown was, I think, her first foray into shearing so the staple lengths are very short and it hasn't been very usable. The white is icelandic and just lovely to dye and to spin.

The colours of this picture don't do justice to this yarn--they are a bit more intense. I was aiming to replicate the colour of some lacy looking seaweed we found on the beach on the South Shore and I am happy to say, I got it pretty much right on. It is about 60% icelandic and 40% alpaca.

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Patti Blaine said...

Beautiful yarn and berries, Robyn!