Sunday, September 16, 2007

Leaving Home to Arrive Home

We are back in NYC despite the two-days of gale force winds that preceeded our exit from the Bay of Islands. Mercifully, the winds moved northward by the time our ferry left Port aux Basques so the overnight trip was only a bit rocking and rolling, and the day dawned bright in North Sydney. We made it to Bangor, ME in 10 hours, where we collapsed into HoJo heaven--a slightly seedy room with sagging mattresses but all the Red Sox/Yankee action one could wish for in the first hours back on American soil. We were all out cold before the Yankees rallied in the 8th inning and snatched victory from the grasp of the Sox. The next morning in weird fit of collective unconscious, we all reached for our Red Sox t-shirts - separately without realizing the others were doing it also. A family of four, all in Red Sox Dazed and confused though we were, I still had a shred of dignity and quickly made a change. And before you can say "two children, 18 hours in a car with only one book on tape," we were back in Sunnyside, soaking up its ambiance and checking out the four months of weeds in our back garden.

Can you believe fall has only just begun here???

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