Friday, April 03, 2009

Check Mate!

I hope those are words out of Lucy's mouth many times this weekend.

She (and Dan and Finn) are traveling to Nashville this morning so she can compete in the Chess Supernationals. The Chess Supernationals (we keep calling it the Chess Supernaturals) is a once-every-four-years event in which 6000 children from all over the US come to play chess. Lucy will play seven games over the next three days. Her goals are relatively modest: to win more than she loses. I am very proud that she is excited and not very nervous about it. Somehow, she takes things in stride and doesn't get flustered about the competition. Once the game is going, she is focused and her only goal is to win. Please don't ask how she comes by this quality. Dan and I just look on with wonder and awe.

Go, Lucy, go!


OfTroy said...

check mate is corruption of the persian (farsi) shaz mat--or the king is dead (shah is still the word for king, and mat is clearly a cognate of mort (as in mortal) or morgue, or other death related english words..
Shaz mat/check mate--the king is dead!

here's hoping she commits regicide again and again!

Robyn said...

Helen, do you know absolutely EVERYTHING???? I am beginning to wonder....

Patti Blaine said...

Kill that king, Lucy! Kill him dead! :)

OfTroy said...

robyn, my knowledge is MILES and MILES wide.. (and for the most part, micons deeps.) Ok so there are some potholes, and even the occational sink hole.. (ask me anything else about chess.. (ok so i can name the men, and place them (correctly on the board)--but play chess?
put me across from lucy, and you'll discover that a mircon of depth is very, very, very shallow knowledge!