Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good-bye Plane

I have been dragging my crocheted biplane project around with me in a plastic bag for two weeks. Some might suggest I spent more time complaining about it than crocheting it, but I disagree. In fact, I have been feeling quite disagreeable about the whole thing! It was semi-completed over the weekend, or so I pretended. On Monday morning I realized there was no way I could actually bring this item into Lion Brand and still hold my head high. I would have to tear it out and start over yet again.


Yesterday, I left the vaguely plane-like lump in its plastic bag and pretended it didn't exist. I would walk past it and glance down at it sitting on the floor, but really, it didn't exist. I even had to shift it a couple of times to get at my drum carder and such. I was gleefully working on those kind of projects that I do when other deadlines are not pressing.

What's this plastic bag with the strange red version of Droopy Dawg in it? Huh? Never seen it before...

This morning I sent an email to David at Lion Brand admitting defeat. I like to think that I could have done it had my heart been in it more, but maybe that isn't even true. There was a good reason why I asked Sono to make the pigeons and taxis for the window. Rendering three dimensional objects in crochet just isn't my thing. The sooner I admit this simple fact, the happier we all can be. Indeed, after I sent off that email, I immediately felt much happier.

So very, very happy.

Because look what happens when you don't have to make a Droopy Dawg biplane:

Two-ply yarn from the indigo dyed fleece and some merino/bamboo fleece with lots of uncarded locks added in.

Single ply, thick and thin yarn from the madder dyed fleece.

I finally pinned up Shugen Sensei's samue to finish the alterations he requested about a month ago.

Pumpkin muffins for breakfast this morning, kids!

And for that extra clarity of mind (as if I need that now - ha!)...

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