Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Footage, Good Yardage

The weekend went well. We had a computer glitch in the middle of it all which threatened to make everything very, very complicated but in the way that the good comes with the bad, it served to reveal that I had 14 days left on my computer's warantee so the $1200 repair was covered. I hate to even contemplate what would have happened if I had not had this glitch and was in Gilliams trying to work and discovered this problem...shudder.

On to happier thoughts!

One nice side benefit from the weekend was that I have become a much better spindle spinner and I actually did generate some decent yardage. I have to think about what to make with it. I have a few ideas but nothing has sung out to me as THE thing.

Here are few more pictures, taken by John Frisbie, who was accompanying his wife and daughter on Sunday. It was good to get some pictures of Marcia at work. She was truly amazing.

The person in the orange scarf is Brece Honeycutt. She has done some great spinning-related projects of her own. She has an online exhibition right now on Poplar Gallery Online. Check it out!

I need to get a rough cut of the film together by May 14th, in time for the Queens Council on the Art gala benefit. They want me to be one of the performers. No, I won't be performing Memory from Cats on a handsaw. I will be spinning! They want me to be spinning and teaching people to spin at the gala. I have visions of women in sequin gowns and men in tuxedos, all covered in fleece. Maybe they will strip off their tuxes and gowns and go native once they feel the love that is spinning! Now there's a performance worth seeing!

In the meantime, please do drop by PS122 for the exhibition Yarn Theory (Knitting, Crochet, Math and Science), which opens on Saturday. Some of the amazing hyperbolic crochet coral reef is there, as well as many other remarkable works, include our own The Knitted Mile.


dorina said...

oohhhh i love these pics! and your website looks great. i have to go put ps122 in my scheduling book or it will fall out of my head . . it was so fun meeting everyone sunday morning and spinning together . .

Two Fiber Friends said...

Oh my gosh! This is a hoot!!!