Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Tiny Glimpse of Work in Progress

Working out the pattern for Ottawa. I use a program called Stitch Painter, which I quite like. Is it totally cheesy that I used a maple leaf? I had to closely examine the teeny tiny one on my permanent residency card so I probably messed it up anyway.

This is one of the ceramic pieces with added elements - pieces of paper I collected along the way with crocheted embellishments. It is actually not finished - still need a couple more things to complete it.

Heading there soon! Did I mention I am flying to Toronto? La la la. No problem about that, no siree. The thrill and exhiliration of pure panic.

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OfTroy said...

do you dislike flying? I used to love it.. but now, its so much like cattle cars! gone is all the elegance and sense of adventure...

I always used to want a window seat too, to look out--how wonderful that was!
now i select an aisle seat (to make trips to the lav easier!)