Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Workity, Work, Work

This is my big work week. The week in which I play Dan. That is to say, I get up and head out in the morning and don't come back until suppertime or later. Dan plays me, which is to say, he takes care of everything else. It is good to shake up the roles a little now and then but my oh my, how quickly we have adopted each other's stance. Me: grumpy because he doesn't understand the stress of impending deadlines and expects me to come home all happy and ready to join the crowd. Him: grumpy because I am not appreciating how hard he is working to make this all happen. More lessons than, perhaps, we care to learn.

In any case, I am heading out very early this morning and hope that work goes quickly today. Things are shaping up but it still feels like mostly potential. Process is lovely but I need a little product too.


OfTroy said...

sound like you both need to change your attitudes--as you change your roles!

Be what you want --if you want a happy spouse to come home to, come home a happy spouse!

It might not change his attitude at all --but you get to be happy, and isn't that a worthwhile goal?

Robyn said...

Yes, yes, Helen. But the first step was to recognize it! Now that I see the world from his shoes, the rest is a little easier. Ok, back to knitting!