Thursday, January 07, 2010

Knitting Sprawl at the Art Gallery of Peterborough

The exhibition has a few finishing touches to be done - tweek the lighting, install two small pieces, hang some labels - but it will be done without me. I head back to New York early tomorrow morning. I have lost all perspective on whether or not it is good, bad or ugly. But it is done (mostly).

Here are some sneak preview pictures. I feel like there could be more, better, etc., but I did all I could given the amount of time I had. It is a work in progress.

The main piece, reflecting our travels across southern Ontario. Not so sure about little Ottawa up there. I wanted to take it down but Pam, the curator, wanted it up. The lighting isn't great in this photograph, but in real life, the natural light is actually quite lovely.

A detail....Hamilton.

Here was the shocker - the mile-long ramp. I had no idea this was part of the show. I had two days to make something of it and what I made was a kind of map-like narrative. I cut aerial views of suburban developments out of the papers I had collected on our trip - maps, brochures, directions, even my pattern charts - and connected them with pieces of double crochet.

A detail.

The video installation with three of the ceramic pieces.

If you are in or near Peterborough tomorrow evening and want to see it live, stop by from 7 - 9 p.m. My show is but one of three exhibitions opening tomorrow. In fact, it is a small side light to the main attraction: Allyson Mitchell's Lady Sasquatch.


Patti Blaine said...

We're having such nasty weather here, Robyn. I hope you've made it home safely!!

Robyn said...

Thanks for your concern Patti! I did make it home, although there were some hairy moments, mainly on the 401 near Kingston. Otherwise, it wasn't too bad.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! Wish I could have seen it.