Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Safe and Sound and Snowy in Peterborough

I am sure it is only the most important artists who get invited to experience Peterborough in January.

How was the flight, you ask? Flight? Was I flying to Peterborough? Is this a weekday?

At 4 am this morning, I got out of bed, looked on googlemaps at how to get to Peterborough from Sunnyside and made an executive decision - I would drive to Peterborough. The weather looked fine, the ride was listed at 8 hours, which to me is actually somewhat reasonable, and it would allow me to pack more things and not worry about breaking my porcelain pieces. So, by 5 am I was on the road.

I pulled into the Holiday Inn in Peterborough at 3:30 p.m. It snowed most of the way but not enough to cause worry, just slowed things down a little. Actually, it was quite a lovely ride. I am thrilled to be back in Canada - ah, to breathe easy again! But I am a little disappointed in myself for letting my fears get in the way. I need to get over this fear, which is based on irrationality but I guess that why it is a fear, not reality.

But this no time to examine such matters. I walked over to the gallery to check out the space and it is, ahem, much larger than I anticipated. Looks like there will have to be some site-specific work created, pronto. Even in my trip-addled brain, a couple of ideas vaguely poked their way to the surface so I need to get cracking. I'll post some photographs when it looks presentable.

Meanwhile, what growing national chain is glowing across from my window? Hint: should of named their bite sized doughnuts L'il Timmies instead of the stupid name that they did name them.


OfTroy said...

I dunno, eating little timmies? munching down on little timmies?

I think there are some problems with that name too!

I like there coffee better than DD--the donuts are good.. but nothing special (I've made detours to Canada to stop and buy tim bits.)

Patti Blaine said...

I'll not have you disparaging Tim's bits! :)

You do know this pit stop is open should you need one on the way home, yes?

Be safe!

Taos Sunflower said...

I should be ashamed to admit that Tim Horton's is a favorite place when I'm in Canada...