Wednesday, January 27, 2010


House Study/Handmade went well yesterday. When I arrived, there were three people waiting and they dug right in. I have been granted a fantastic assistant named Stephanie, who has eagerly learned about carding and spinning and now actually does most of the teaching so I can spin.

The light was lovely yesterday in our sunroom studio.

Stephanie is the person standing in the back. Notice how she is demonstrating the spindle for a visitor. I found it interesting that, while many people gravitate to the bright colours, Stephanie cards up the most subtle combinations in very limited palettes. For example, here is one of her's:

Here are yet more skeins that were carried away. I am having trouble keeping up!

This one was carded by a volunteer who helps out on Saturdays. She decided to card together all the odds and ends that come off the carder when it is cleaned.

This one is mostly wool dyed with orange peels, tea and black walnut.

I see indigo, tea, orange peels and natural white in here.

If you look closely at the foreground in the first photo, you can see the first hat to be returned - a felted hat made from fleece that the participant carded. I think she has two more coming.

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Marshall Arts said...

fun fun fun. you make me wanna spin!