Friday, March 05, 2010

If You're Gonna Play...

After a brief respite, I am starting to get into head-down-deadline mode. For a couple of weeks, it seemed as if there were all sorts of low pressure loose ends that I could tie up at my leisure: finishing up hats for House Study/Handmade, finalizing plans for the week when I will be in Boston (first installing Unconditional Yes, then performing in it), deciding whether or not to participate in the spring Ango and organizing a short trip up to Montreal where I will be giving a talk at Concordia University's fibre art department. Things needed to be done but nothing was imminent.

Then, a couple of days ago, it hit me: I have a solo exhibition coming up in two weeks.

I have been working steadily, if not exclusively, on it but it is definitely time, some would say it is past time, to focus.

Here is the porcelain mug I made to commemorate Unconditional Yes. I have a bowl and plate in the works too. My plan is to have a small section of the exhibition be a fake archive of items related to the exhibition, as if it were a Simmons tradition. I deliberately made the mug look very handmade, in case you were wondering.

My goal of eight crochet pieces has been reduced but I made that decision based on the size of the pieces, the size of the gallery walls and the hope (oh please, let it be true!) that there will be lots of Simmons community responses to fill up the wall space. My feeling is that there is a lot of interest but interest doesn't always translate in to actual objects. We'll see.

It is my firm belief that every art project should be taken on only if you are ready to fail completely and spectacularly. I am not saying that is the goal or that, if it fails, that is fun or good necessarily. I am saying that I think that it is foolish to approach art with anything less than total conviction. It might turn out to be a wrong-headed conviction, but give it 100%. Have you seen art that looks like someone is just dipping their big toe into it? Art with one foot out the door? Was it really very good? Do you carry that image in your head, years later? Did it shake you to your core? Change how you see the world? Uh-huh, that's what I thought.

If you're gonna play: play!

Ok, after that little pep talk, I'm psyched up and ready to get to work!

PS. Here is a photo of Dan in his new shirt (a christmas present from moi) custom made by the blogless Janine. She is starting a small business of it. If anyone is interested in getting some price quotes or other information, please let me know and I will put you in touch with her. Dan has declared it "the nicest shirt he has ever worn."

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