Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On A Bender

Warning! This post contains some hardcore yarn and fibre porn - may not be suitable for viewing at work or around other knitters and spinners.

I have an acquaintance who talks about going for some "shopping therapy". In my head, I usually scoff a little at how pathetically American it is to believe that one can be happier through consumption. Poor, deluded thing, I think as I move about in my much more superior way.

Ahem. I have had my own little "episode" recently.

This fleece is from Moonlightbaker. I had it in my favourites on etsy for some time and one evening, well, I just started clicking.

This one is from TaosSunflowertoo, who is having a massive destash sale. Martie has become an online friend through the wonders of etsy, this blog and her blog. Martie used to own a yarn store in Taos and now we all benefit from her destashing. She also is one of several reasons why a trip to New Mexico is quietly simmering on the back burner. She is a good friend of Shawn from islandsweet.

Oh! Speaking of whom...

Shawn had a sale on her yarns last week. (Sorry, it's over now. You snooze, you lose!) She is heading to the One of A Kind Spring show in Toronto very soon and was inviting people to purchase any of the yarns they might have had their eyes on before the good people of Ontario get their greedy little paws on them. I can't resist a good sale.

Oh! Speaking of which...

Lori over at Capistrano Fiber Arts was having a sale on some handpainted BFL. I am a huge fan of her work and, is almost starting to sound a little desperate and tawdry. All lined up like this, it is starting to feel like I might have gone a little...

But, did you see what I received from the Louet order I put in?

This is a 50% soysilk/50% wool blend that comes handpainted. It seems a bit stiff right now but I think it will spin up in a luscious way.

This is carbonized bamboo fibre. I mean, who can resist carbonized bamboo fibre? Are you crazy?

And ok, here is a sneak peek at some fibre...dare I say it? Cashmere and silk blend. Hope you were sitting down for that one! The plan is for it to be spun lace weight for my dharma friend and knitting designer, Zabeth aka Tenfu.

So, la la la! That's what April looks like for me. You?


island sweet said...


OfTroy said...

there is a difference between buying raw material (and fashioning it into something else) exersizeing creativity.. and buying ready made items and just using them.

your shopping spree will become hours of work (pleasurable work!) to become yarn (and not just fiber) and more hours of work to become something else.

There is a difference between buying flour and yeast and making rolls (and then putting meat patties on the rolls) and stopping by McD's and buying a big mac to go!

gibknitty said...

that's some darn good yarn porn!

Amelia said...

just looked you up as a result of looking at your work in 'By Hand' over here in the UK, and just wanted to stop by and say I really enjoy and like your work and the projects you do - really fantastic. Glad I found your site and blog.


Robyn said...

Hi Amelia,

Thanks for coming by and commenting! I enjoyed looking at your blog as well. XOX, Robyn