Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unconditional Yes

Today is the opening reception for Unconditional Yes. The college president is coming (she contributed to the exhibition), the choir will sing traditional Simmons songs, students are making "unconditional yes" cupcakes, and the art critic from The Boston Globe is coming by to review the show.

Let's just say, there's some buzz happening.

In the meantime, the Massachusetts Cultural Council has featured the exhibition on their excellent blog. Check it out.

I will try, try, try to remember to take some pictures!


island sweet said...

such a positve event! weel done. xxx

J. Pratas said...

Don't worry, I know you'll be busy talking to everyone - I have a student who will be photographing AND I'll have my phone! YES! Buzz!

Chris Cormier Hayes said...

Robyn, I've enjoyed visitng with you and knitting in your living room this week! Congratulations on helping the Simmons community think about "yes." Thanks for the tip about Etsy. I spent my morning staring dreamily at beautiful skeins. I'm sorry I cannot attend the opening. I'll see you at the closing!