Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Very Early 80s

Remember that time in your life when you would willingly wear a plastic bag on your head, all in the name of fashion?  Well, Birnam wood do come to Dunisnane.

Fear not, for while the early 1980s may have made an appearance in our household in the form of florescent hair colouring, I, myself, have made it to the 21st Century.  Or so I told myself when I became the owner of an iPod shuffle (in order to be able to listen to the chants that I need to memorize).  When I made this remark to Finnian, he scoffed.  

"More like 20th Century!"  

You can't win around here.  Maybe I should dye my hair pink?  Orange?

1 comment:

Helen Griffin said...

dye your hair? Sure, why not? I have experimented with purple (and plan to do so again in the fall)

Its only hair--it hardly counts for anything.