Monday, January 07, 2013

Deficiencies, Empty Promises and the Cold, Hard Realities of NYC Real Estate

On our way up to the Monastery for Christmas (because, really, who does Christmas better than Zen monastics?  Seriously - we even had a cranking dance party where we raved until the late hour of 9:15 p.m.), I told my car mates to remind me to take photographs this year.  I told them that, if I was not seen with my camera in hand, to ask me what was wrong with me.  Then I changed that question to a statement: they were to tell me "There is something wrong with you."

Of course, I did not take one photograph.  The next day, when I complained of this situation, my former car mate (now dorm mate) said, "There is something wrong with you."

Sangha treasure indeed.

At least this year I lucked out once again with my sangha treasure secret santa gift recipient.  A known knitter with a love of water.  Could it get any easier?  I dusted off my drum carder and spun up a skein of watery thick and thin (no pictures of that, either).  

I have missed you, dear drum carder!  I promise, promise, promise that we shall meet again.  Soon.

Meanwhile, Lucy has created a kitty kat kondo.  A 2BR duplex.  No doorman but excellent views of the food bowls and an easy commute to the litter box.  After a short bidding war, a victor emerged.

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dorinalouise said...

love the kitty kat kondo . . and love the christmas pictures! :)

p.s. more than anything . . that kitty kat kondo "rug" is to die for . .