Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Middle Of January Is A Perfect Time For A Celebration

A man for whom a birthday cake is an apple pie.

Rarely sighted and even more rarely photographed -  a genuine smile.  Must be that bowl of whipped cream waiting nearby...

Sixteen and Smokin'!

Finn was not the only one to celebrate and be celebrated.  Based on no factual evidence whatsoever, we decided that Finn's birthday would also be Olyve (I have been told it is spelled this way) and Webster's birthday.  F&L made them matching Kitty Kat Krowns.

Webster was a little confused about the proper way to sport a crown.  Later, he also batted it about and chewed upon it.  

Olyve was a little more...compliant, but I see rebellion in her eyes.

Happy birthday to them all!


Taos Sunflower said...

Happy birthday to all!

Stone Angel said...

Happy, happy birthday Finn et al -

Love, Tom, Carol & Toby

dorinalouise said...

happy birthday! we're apple pie birthday cake people around here also. it looked delicious! wishing finn a wonderful year!