Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Non-attachment to Results or How To Make New Year's Resolutions That Really Work

Dear Readers,

I know you are curled up with the warm glow of your computer and saying to yourself, "The new year is upon us...I wonder what yoga asana Robyn is planning to dedicate her year to working on?"  Well, far be for me to deny you this critical information.

In 2013, I will be taking the backwards step and re-visiting the asana that I was dedicated to 2011:  bhujapidasasna.  It has been kicking my ass for two years and I wholly expect it to continue in 2013 but I humbly submit to its will.  It has slowly been improving (key word: slowly) so let's say that my goal is that I will be able to come up from my forehead on the floor (still not ready for chin action) without falling over on my behind 75% of the time.  Modesty is key in this endeavour.  But, to up the ante just a wee bit, I will add that I will begin trying to jump from downdog into tittibhasana to begin the posture.

Sorry, I don't have any photo credit for this, nor credit for the amazing person doing tittibhasana here but I hope you share my admiration for this man's remarkable ability - it's not so easy at any age.

If you don't know what the heck I am talking about...congratulations.  It is dull stuff, really.  I have done this two years in a row and somehow that seems justification enough to bore you for another year with it.

Lucy, on the other hand, tossed modesty to the wind and made a list of 17 resolutions this afternoon.  I was pretty excited since they include wanting to keep her room clean and spending less time on her iPad.  By this evening, however, she had already downgraded some of them to "wish" or "priority" or "just a good idea".

Once again her wisdom belies her years.

May we all be wiser (and more compassionate to ourselves and others) in 2013!

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