Friday, February 08, 2013

How To Be Satisfied

Each year, the Struts Gallery and Artist-run Centre in Sackville, New Brunswick (Canada's oldest!), holds a fundraiser on Valentine's Day.  Called The Sweetest Little Thing, the fundraiser involves sending artists a piece of masonite (I think it was around 6" x 9") and inviting them to create something with it, in anyway they see fit.  This year, I decided to cut it up into pieces, drill holes in it and paint it.

The question of how to be satisfied is one that I think about a lot.  What does that really mean?  I had a lot of opportunity to consider this as I ran up against obstacles at every step along the way of making this little piece. 

First, I do not own a saw, so I borrowed a saw.  Then, no drill, so I went to the hardware store and bought a drill.  Then, I thought we had paint, but nope, no paint.  Bought new paint.  Then, I swear I thought I had loads of copper wire, but wrong again!  No wire.  Bought some wire (they didn't have copper and I didn't have the wear-with-all to search around for copper).  Whew.  Finally, the piece is done.  And a bit late.  So, to satisfy the deadline, I will overnight it to New Brunswick.  

If you would like to own this very satisfying piece while at the same time helping to support Canada's oldest artist-run centre, place your bid here.  Well, it isn't up yet, but go there on February 14th.  You, too, will be satisfied.

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Helen Griffin said...

I am glad you bought a drill...Everyone should own one--they are very useful tools. (take a dowel, and at one end screw in a cup hook, place the other end in the drill and you can spin out cording in minutes!--among other things.)

next up, by a dremal (aka rotary tool) its so handy, you'll wonder how you lived with out it. (i loved mine so much, i bought one for each of my children!, and they love it too.)