Friday, February 22, 2013

There Will Be Yarn

For a long time, I have been lamenting my laziness.  Somehow, I just never seemed to get around to spinning yarn for my etsy shop.  How can this be?  Too much wasted time on the computer?  Daydreaming out the window when I should be applying myself?

Yesterday I realized that, perhaps, it wasn't total laziness.  Maybe it was, in fact, busy-ness.  Because now that teacher training is over, suddenly I find myself listing yarns in my etsy shop.

Over 600 yards of lace weight Rambouillet!

A wee skein - only 56 yds - also of the same Rambouillet.

A gorgeous bulky two-ply.  When I made that orange and black skein for my friend's hat the other day, it was so fun to knit up that bulky two-ply that I decided that I must share the love!  Made from a Widdershins fleece that was 80% BFL and 20% silk.  So soft, it is like a dream!

And check out this dreamy shot.  Currently under production...some Shetland lace weight.

It is nice to be back.

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dorinalouise said...

ooohhh so beautiful!