Monday, February 18, 2013

The Dawning of A New (Old) Era

April may be the cruelest month but, for me, it will be the busiest month.  Suddenly, the deadlines are stacking up.  It's all good, as they say.  Actually, I hate it when people say isn't all good!  Sometimes, it is bad!

Whatevs, as they say.  Right now, it is all good.  I would go so far as to say it is awesomesauce.

First up in April will be a participatory performance project of an alliterative nature done as part of The Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday program.  I am pretty excited about this since approximately 10,000 people attend these events.  Yes, you read that correctly - 10,000.  Excited might not be the best word for how I feel about it, but let's keep it at that for now.

More on that project later, today I simply wanted to acknowledge that I just ordered sewing patterns for historically accurate dresses from the American colonial era as part of a video project I am creating.  This is all part of the ongoing collaboration with four other artists on the subject of war, revolutions and the Battle of Brooklyn.  A new group exhibition on the subject will be installed at the end of April.

Is she so rosy-cheeked and happy because of all that food?
Or because she knows her garments are made with 100% historical accuracy?

For many months, I have been feeling like my work is shifting in its direction but mostly that feeling has been just that - a feeling.  I haven't taken many actions towards making it real.  So plunking down cold, hard cash for costumes for a video feels like something.  

Ideas.  I have Big Ideas.

Where is this all heading?  I have no idea but I guess we will find out.....

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dorinalouise said...

it really sounds great, robyn. i know all of us look forward to hearing more about it . . so post when you can!