Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And Now: Everything Else

Photo credit: JL Aronson
We are on the road to Newfoundland - scheduled to arrive on Friday morning.  It was a little kooky to plan to leave only three days after spending a week away but that is what happened.  Somehow things got done and we are away!

As soon as we arrive we will check in on dear Colette and I need to start making soap for my Transcending Potash project.  We will have our second springtime, plant a garden, paint the house, and drive to Saskatoon and back.  The coming weeks feel full in the best way.


dorinalouise said...

congratulations! it's nice seeing the picture . . and that must be your rakusu? it looks good :)

so glad you're on the road . . enjoy the north and your second spring!

Rebecca Martin said...

What a great picture! :)

Patti Blaine said...

Thank you for the photo. Happy trails!