Monday, May 20, 2013

Certified Lye

The snow has stopped and today promises to include some sunshine and temperatures above 5C/40F.  Apparently, Gander had 52cm of snow yesterday - that's over 20 inches for the metrically challenged.  We do not live in Gander and for that we are grateful.

No, today we have sun.  The lawn shall be mowed.  The basement shall be cleaned up.  And a book review shall be committed to paper, or screen, as the case may be.

An old friend has come to call.

The novelty of light and shadow.

I have begun my work on Transcending Potash (full title:  Transcending Potash:  Cleansing the Sins of Our Forefathers and Washing Our Fears Away).  It started with a thorough search of Corner Brook for potash.  I assumed the place would be awash in the stuff but apparently not.  The man at Humber Nurseries told me he stocked it for ten years without a customer for it so he took it off the shelves.  A beacon of patience, I think you will agree!   Returning home empty-handed, I turned to the internets.  I found a site and company called "Certified Lye".  With a name like that, how can you go wrong?  My potash is on its way.

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