Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Carol

Yesterday evening, the light was quite stunning so I pulled out my camera after mowing the lawn.  Aside: why does lawn mowing give me such satisfaction?  I am almost ashamed of much I love it because I know lawns are Evil and should be replaced by productive gardens and believe me when I tell you that I am doing my best to make that happen.  Yet, every time I finish mowing, I feel some deep pride that must go back to when the first humans hacked the first small plot out of the jungle.  So there you go.

Anyhoo - the light, the camera, the freshly trimmed grass.  I though of Carol, who lives in Santa Fe, where it is spectacularly beautiful in its own way but not this way.  Carol misses damp, grey weather and I must say that I can't blame her.  So, for you, Carol, a small selection of what it was looking like last night.

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Stone Angel said...

Thank you SO MUCH - I have been away for a while and only today caught up with you. THank you, thank you!
I can smell the wonderful air - here we are surrounded by terrible fires and smoke is a pall across Santa Fe.