Sunday, March 23, 2014

Artist, Heal Thyself

All the walls are up!  With the assistance of many of the art students and two of the art faculty (and their two exceptionally cute children), the structure is all there.  Actually "assistance" is not quite correct.  Frankly, they did all the hard work of it.  I supervised and tended to other tasks while they balanced on ladders and suspended many hundreds of pounds of knit and crochet in the air.

Installing The Hall of Mirrors.

It's the giant fort you always wanted to build.

A couple of times this past week I have almost started crying because I just can't believe how generous and hardworking everyone is as they help bring this abstract idea into reality.

Apparently the vulnerability in this Fun House of Vulnerability is all mine to experience.


dorinalouise said...


How did you hang the walls? Did I miss that explanation? Bungee cords strung across the room? Wires? Poles?

Patti Blaine said...

Sounds like a success to me!