Thursday, March 20, 2014

So Much Stuff

By freak accident, the gallery is located in the business school at Northern State University.  This means that business students and faculty wander by all day, glancing in and sometimes coming and asking questions.  The professor who has his office across the hall apparently enjoys his role as art critic-in-residence.  He told the curator that "there is some woman in the gallery throwing afghans around."  Buddy, you don't know the half of it!

Yesterday, he told me that, if it didn't piss him off then it wasn't art.  At first I tried to assure him that my work isn't about pissing people off but then I thought about how he will be watching a video clip of crochet unraveling to reveal Lucy's eye for three months.  He might be a little pissed come May 16th.

So it goes.

Today I will work with art students all day and I am hoping that we start hanging the walls by the end of the day.

These are three of the rooms.  They are all constructed and waiting to be hung up.

The floor of the gallery is covered with pieces.  I think I have enough at this point but I won't know until we get it all up.  I am extremely grateful to the art students who have been helping me - some coming on their off hours to crochet, which allows me to do other things.

One young woman came in and just said, "Wow! So much stuff!"  And, oh my, she is right.  Stuff is everywhere.  I even have my trusty Bernina.  I love you, baby!

Yesterday, I took a break from sewing miles of white seams to make the first of two "security guard" costumes.  They are padded so they can offer warm (and very non-sexual) embraces to people to help them feel secure in the fun house.  I am hoping to recruit two extroverted students to wear them for the opening.

The fourth room is The Hall of Mirrors.  I glued over 1500 mirrors on the walls yesterday.  Remarkably I could have used more.  Still, it will be pretty cool when it is up.  Now I am just anxiously awaiting the moment of truth when everything is lifted off the ground - feels like the rest of it is just details.

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Patti Blaine said...

Wish I could help from afar, Robyn! And you might do well with introverts for the hugging. A mask and androgynous clothing might turn even me into an eager hugger!