Monday, March 10, 2014

Upon These Laurels Thou Shalt Not Rest

First, a few pictures from the opening reception of Say Something at bkbx last Friday evening:

Hides Nothing, 2013. Ceramic 12" x 12"

A selection of bowls and little assemblages.

Trippy fabric and three drawings.  No, I didn't make the fabric myself.  It was totally good luck that I pulled that roll out of a huge pile of prints at Mood.

The much talked-about motorized crochet.  To say that it did not quite reach its potential hardly describes its state of claptrap-ness.  Let us call it a "work in progress" and move on.  (Pictures with the kind hearted Ryan, who offered to bike to Brooklyn on his day off to help me figure out the technical challenges after my first motor broke.  I didn't take him up on it, btw.)

Do Nothing, 2013.  Crocheted yarn, 98" x 72"

Not Stained Not Pure, 2008.  Crocheted yarn, 80" x 96".  Also, Lucy.
The exhibition has been well-received so far.  It will be up for the rest of the month, so stop in if you can.  I haven't posted photos of everything - there are still some surprises!

All photos by Rami Efal.

After the MoMa workshop and getting this show up, my inclination is to put my feet up and take a little break.  Alas, this is not what is happening.  Indeed, the largest and most challenging project remains to be created.  I may have shed a few tears this morning during yoga's feeling a little overwhelming to be honest.  But I know the solution isn't to make my mat slippery with salty tears but to get back into it and make what needs to be made.  Plus, rumour has it that I will have student help once I get to South Dakota...

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