Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Built for Speed, Not Comfort

Is it human nature or is it an illness created by living in a culture that values speed over everything else? Yesterday, someone asked me how my project went and my first thought was "what project?" Oh yeah...that old thing...


Part of my feeling like the Dallas project is already behind me is that the next one is looming large on the horizon. A week from today I head to Berlin for 11 days. Eleven days to make art, live art, look at art. Did I mention it is 11 days to do all those things...alone? Yes, after over a decade of having constant companionship, I will have 11 days on my own in a foreign city where my only mission is to make art and look at art. And maybe eat lots of pastry too. It feels totally unbelievable.

My primary thought about making a project in the gallery space where I will be both living and working was to keep it simple. Please, stop laughing! I am sure I can make a simple project if I stay focused. Ok, the project has already morphed a little and involves creating a sound installation, which, you know, I haven't ever really done before. But other than that. Alright, it also involves finding a zen center in Berlin willing to let me record their chanting, then manipulating that sound file with the sound file of chanting I record in NYC, not that my zen center has given me permission to do that yet. And making lots of drawings.

Simple, you know.


Patti Blaine said...

Simple as pie. Or is that pi?

There's a confluence of 11s around all this. Hmmm. And not to increase your worries, aber sprechst du Deutsch?

This has the potential to be an amazing experience, Robyn. I hope you have a wonderful time!

island sweet said...

11 days of being filled up... it will be huge.