Sunday, March 23, 2008

It is Easter Sunday in Berlin. I survived the plane rides although there were some tense moments. I have been studiously not thinking about the return trip.

I am set-up in the gallery, which is, as promised, somewhat primitive in terms of living space. But it is everything that I need: a bed, a fridge, an electric kettle and lots of space and time for working and thinking. I have been drawing a lot, walking around a lot, and feeling immensely grateful for the German educational system that means that nearly everyone from all walks of life can speak excellent English.

At the moment, I can not post pictures because I have to use Sonya's computer to get internet access. The gallery may be wired later in the week but perhaps not.

The neighborhood where I am staying is almost exclusively Turkish with a handful of Asian immigrants there too. I realized that, in Dallas, we stayed in Irving, which is the Queens of Dallas. In Berlin, I am staying Neue Kolln, which is the Queens of Berlin. Or something like that. Now that I think of it, Gillams could be called an outer borough of Corner Brook.

Always destined for the outer boroughs. Not a lot of glitz but the food is good.


Patti Blaine said...

But of course the food is good there! What's the equivalent of Jackson Diner in Gillams?

island sweet said...

so good to hear your voice! i've been wondering how things are going. snow, snow ,and more snow here for easter. xxx