Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not Stained, Not Pure

It is hard to know where to start! I do not have access to the internet at the gallery so I am trying to cram five days of email and information into one hour now that I am somewhere with access. Of course, now I can't think of a thing to say despite that I have been preparing blog entries in my head all day long. So, I will have to share some pictures and see if that sparks anything profound, or not so profound.

This is Sonya and Alex, my hosts in Berlin. They co-organize Hope and Glory and they have been very generous with their time and efforts to make me feel at home here. We are on a double-decker bus heading to Martin Gropius Bau to see an exhibition of an Israeli artist named Dani Caravan.

Before we could get to the museum, however, we had to walk past Checkpoint Charlie, the former point of exit and entry between East and West Berlin. It is now a tourist attraction. I was photographing all the people photographing the people who have just paid 1euro to have their picture taken with a fake US and USSR soldier. Go capitalism! Yah!

Here is a shop near the gallery: Pimp Your Hair. For "Herren und Kinder" which means men and children. Uh-huh.

Now here is an intersection that you will never see in the US: the corner of Karl Marx Strasse and Karl Marx Platz. I stood right there and nothing bad happened to me. I swear!

And last but not least. Please come to the one-night only exhibition of "Not Stained, Not Pure: A Meditation on 10-Days in Berlin" featuring a sound installation, a series of works on paper, an ongoing wall drawing project and a crochet work. Join us at Hope and Glory at 9 p.m. on Friday evening (Emser Str. 126, NeuKolln). Beer will be served.

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