Monday, March 17, 2008

Fear of Flying

As I was obsessively watching the weather reports for Wednesday evening, I realized that I had to get grip on my little problem, which is I am deathly afraid to fly. I have been working hard on this and part of my motivation for going to Berlin was to prove to myself that I can do it. Last night I started have little moments of panic--maybe they were also related to leaving my family for 11 days--but I mostly managed to talk myself back from the ledge.

The last time I flew was in 1997 when I went to Newfoundland for the first time. I remember looking down during the flight back to NYC and being able to see my heart beating through my fleece jacket. I thought that this kind of thing can not be good for one's overall health so I stopped flying (natch). This was really not so hard since I was incredibly busy with two small children and most of my family live within a five-hour drive. Cut to ten years later and this wonderful invitation to come to Berlin and make a project lands in my lap...what are you going to do but get over it already!

Although, I am not sure what it means that I am slightly sweating just writing this down. Wish me luck!

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OfTroy said...

you could try my nana's cure--
when asked how she dealt with her fears (by her sister) she explained-
have a manhattan before leaving for the airport--part of the bon voyage

Have a manhattan at the airport (in the time between checking in and boarding the plane--its something to do.

when you get on the plane and attendant asks:Would you like something to drink? say Yes, i'll have a manhattan.

(when you wake up, you're in NY)

It works--i like to pack some mini bottles of rum.. rum and coke are my "manhattan's"--pick the poison of your choice!