Friday, February 19, 2010

C'mon and Zoom

The other evening, Dan and I were reminiscing about the television program called Zoom from back in the 1970s. Both of us dreamed of being a Zoom kid and could remember in startling detail specific aspects of the program. As we went on (and on) about it, it finally occurred to us that we could share the love with Finn and Lucy via YouTube.

Their response was lackluster to say the least. As we
clicked and watched more and more, they just kept casting
us looks as if to say, "THIS is what you liked??"
Ah, parents! Can't live with them, can't live without them.

I got a similar response when I was reacquainted
with my absolute favourite show, Free to Be You and Me. I was
so excited to share it with them but they were totally mystified.

As an aside, I have realized that these two shows have
completely shaped who I am as an adult and, even as an artist.
But this revisiting of the past was heightened as we drove
down Route 1 in Saugus this morning on our way home.

We drove past this:

The orange dinosaur! I excitedly pointed it out to Finn and Lucy, telling them that this used to give us huge kicks as kids when we would pass it on our way to visit our Aunt Lucy and Uncle Eddie in Malden.

Finn's response? "You must have had a very boring childhood if these sorts of things were considered a big deal and fun."


I would be full of "kids these days" thoughts were it not for the fact that, while at my mother's house, Finn and Lucy derived hours of fun, fun they described as "awesome" from wrapping a piece of cardboard in a garbage bag and using it as a sled on a tiny slope of a hill behind her house.

I think if they could just open their minds a little bit more, they would see the amazingness of Free to Be....

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OfTroy said...

my parents took us lots of places (I went on my first air plane in 1960 --age 8) we went to Indian point (the new, and then open to the public for tours!) atomic energy plant. we went to see the first atomic power submarine too..

We went to DC in 1964--and never went to a musuem the whole time (yup we skipped the smithsonian!)

never went to the met (or natural history either (i grew up in NYC 1 subway ride away!)

My kids? they have been to every museum in the known world and to disney World, and to space camp and to London, and to lots of theater.. all the things nyc has to offer..they went to sleep overs a the bronx zoo even!

and my daughter complains "we never went anywhere but museums.." Ah kids!