Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hats and More, Plus, Etc.

The hat numbers continue to rise.

But first, I made a hat from that most beautiful yarn that Shawn at islandsweet spun up. Remember that one? Here, I will remind you:

I almost hated to knit it up because it was so lovely just as it was but I am glad I did. Every stitch was more fabulous than the next. It may be a sign of mental illness that I can get so excited about colour combinations as they move through the yarn but it sure makes for fun knitting. Anyway, here's the hat:

I had just enough yarn to finish it, with only the clippings from my weaving in left over. Sigh....perfection all around. Eventually, it will go in my etsy shop. I think. It does match my jacket so nicely.

Here is a hat made with one of the last House Study/Homemade. skeins. The colours were chosen and blended on the carder by Merrick (see post below). It was a nice large skein so I used my ever-evolving bonnet pattern. Sure looks cute on Lucy, who kindly agreed to serve as my model, despite having only just woken up and being in her pajamas.

This is one made by the amazing and talented Sono. Yes, that Sono, who made all the incredible animals and vehicles for the Lion Brand Studio window. She carded and spun the yarn in addition to knitting the hat.

There was definitely a colour scheme going last Saturday.

Nearly all the fleece I dyed was used up by the end of the day. I think I dyed almost 15 lbs of fleece for the project. I don't know why that gives me such a feeling of accomplishment, but it does.

And finally, I made this porcelain piece after coming back from Peterborough. I had made the shape before I left but painted it afterwards. I still need to knit a piece to go around the outside of it (so it sits in the center).

I am quite pleased with it - my blue wash skills have improved to the point where I am getting what I want, which is some Delftware kind of a look. Again, I don't know why it pleases me so much, but it does.


island sweet said...

you made the yarn look beautiful!

Taos Sunflower said...

Great yarns, great hats. I'm with you! I get lost in looking at those little colors changes as they pass through my hands and needles...thinking all the while..."wow! I should write that combo! I should remember that! Wow!" And then I get totally absorbed and don't do it. I'm just loving the ride.

Lady Merrick said...

Oh how wonderful to see it all knit up ! I swear I left with more visions of Ways To Create Yarn Colors" dancing in my head ...