Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Hats, They are A-Coming In

Despite the threat of mountains of snow (that never came), we still had a lot of visitors on Saturday. I started out feeling up to the task, with a nice stash of yarn at the ready.

It was quickly absorbed as people came and went.

Several came with their hats in hand,

while others arrived with their hats on their heads.

We have collected 15 so far, including three felted versions. Many people have returned with hats and collected more yarn for a second go-round. As Lucy said, after spending the day with me, this is fun!

Here are some more skeins (can you stand it?):

A rare plied skein. I needed a break from the single ply yarns but it is not really very time efficient to make plied yarns given the fact that most skeins are leaving still damp from setting the twist. But a spinner can not live on bulky art yarns alone and occasionally I need to spin thin, if you know what I mean.

This was a skein spun by a woman who had just learned to spin and was falling deep down the rabbit hole. We spent many a fine hour talking about wheels and drum carders. She also carded some gorgeous batts for me. She left for her home in L.A. with yarn, fleece and a promise to mail back the resulting hats.

This was a wild skein that is a mixture of grabbing into my pile of bits and pieces and some straight up white merino.

Some little guys that came off of spindles that people were working on...a little overspun but filled with good intentions.

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Anonymous said...

it;s all yarn porn to me!