Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day on the Chesterfield

While in Newfoundland the spring flowers are peeking out of the soil, in New York City, we are blanketed under a thick layer of snow. This is our backyard this morning;

And there is more to come. I suspect we aren't going to that chess tournament this weekend upstate. As much as I love to see Lucy kick a little chess butt, I wouldn't mind a weekend at home. I'm trying not to be too gleeful at the prospect of going nowhere.

Perhaps it is the snowy weather, perhaps it was the television marathon that was our stay at Grammie's house in which we actually saw some of the Winter Olympics, but yesterday, Finn and Lucy set up a home curling rink. It is not elaborate but it serves the purpose:

Using great style, they slide an origami box with a stone inside it across the dining room floor, under the table and try to get close to the inner circle.

I may have developed a new and strange allergic reaction to maple syrup recently but don't let that fool you. We are seriously Canadian.


island sweet said...

or scottish

Patti Blaine said...

I'm allergic to the pollen in maple syrup unless its proteins have been fully broken down through whatever boiling processes they use. Can't eat raw honey for the same reason.

And I know you all are of the north at heart. :) Love the curling!

a random life said...

Love the multicultural curling game! Will pass it on to my parents, avid curling fans and Canadians! Not sure how they will do making the origami box though?!