Monday, April 19, 2010

Make One, Take One

Sunday afternoon was the closing chapter of House Study/Handmade at Wave Hill. We gathered back in the sunroom, this time surrounded by greenery and flowering trees, not snow.

About 25 people came back for one last hoorah and to participate in the hat exchange. It was a reunion - knitting, spinning reunion. Here everyone sits waiting for the exchange to begin. The plan was to draw numbers from a hat, natch, which corresponded to numbers placed on the hats. Total randomness, total democracy.

Here are the hats in the gorgeous afternoon sun.

Once the exchange began, the wild times started. People loved their hats and didn't love their hats. We had all agreed that, once the exchange was completed and if you didn't love your hat, you could then trade for any that were left on the table.

Let the games begin!

Once the dust settled, everyone had a hat that made them happy and we still had over 20 to donate to a Bronx women's shelter. One of the participants actually volunteers at a shelter and offered to bring them over in time for Mother's Day.

A beautiful end to a lovely project.


island sweet said...

what a perfect ending! xxx

gibknitty said...

what a great project. i love my hat. thanks again for bringing us all together and teaching us something new!