Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pure Luxury

Remember this?

It is a sock kit in which one has a handpainted piece of machine knitting that one unravels as they knit to create a pair of uniquely patterned socks. I made the first sock in the fall, before I had my many months of projects and deadlines. Sock knitting was not on the schedule, not even as subway knitting.

But lo, as the deadlines have turned into memories, I have had the luxury of knitting the second sock.

Fraternal not identical. I think I could have made them a little closer in resemblance but I like fraternal socks.

I am not one of those people who churn out the socks like nobody's business. Cough, cough Helen cough, cough. But I do love wearing handknit socks, which is enough motivation for a pair or two every now and then.

Scanning the horizon, I see that I have a lot planning before we head north and west at the end of May but planning isn't knitting. So I now have the further luxury of deciding what I want to knit next. Yes, I could be, probably should be, knitting for Knitting Sprawl, but in truth, I need a break from art knitting.

I am ready for a little low pressure, this-knitting-will-not-save-the-world kind of knitting.

Hello Stash...anybody home?

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