Thursday, November 25, 2010


A million years ago, I mean, two weeks ago, when I was embracing reality up at the Monastery, I came to the conclusion that I have an amazing life. Sure, I may not be able to conjure up ginormous chairs like Vimalakirti, but it is pretty damn amazing nonetheless.

Things may go up and down*, but here we are! Please don't forget this.

* Road sign photographed in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.

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OfTroy said...

they are called (what? mogals?) in skiing--but Oh one of the joys of my childhood was the bump in the road (now I-678/whitestone expressway) on the way south from the bridge to the LIE (I-495)

my dad would speed up a bit, we'd sail over the bump (become air borne for a second!) and crash down.

My mother railed against it..(it couldn't have been good for the wheels or shocks or any part of the car.). but OH the fun.
they did a mountain of work on the that stretch of highway in the past few years. no more bump.
I am sure the roadways is safer, but its so much less fun!

Thank you for the wonderful memory!