Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mrs. Flux

That's what Dan called me yesterday.

It has been that way this fall. Plans all made to be broken. Going to Newfoundland in September? No. Maker Faire instead. Finnian applying to high school? No. The Dept. of Ed's bureaucratic mistakes that made it impossible (to the relief of all, I suspect). We will have another chance next year if Finnian wants it. Going to Newfoundland in late November? No. It appears that my dyeing/spinning workshop is not happening (enrollment was my wise friend said, people like free workshops). So, perhaps we will head north a little earlier than expected.

It is all ok. Staying on until now allowed me to participate fully in the Vimalakirti Sutra class, not to mention spend just about all my spare time at the Zen centre, soaking up the aliveness. Finn and Lucy got to participate in one of their favourite homeschool activities - a role playing adventure game in Central Park. We all got to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

No regrets. Please, just remind me of that when we are being dashed about by the 20 ft. waves in the Gulf of St. Lawrence....

In any case, today is the day Mrs. Flux makes all her decisions.

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