Tuesday, November 23, 2010


After a week of not having internet service, I find I have little to say. Maybe that's a good thing.

We arrived just before winter, apparently. It has snowed, at least a little bit, everyday since we got here. And cold, yes, it has been cold.

The beautiful Blomidon Mountains from our front yard.

We immediately reviewed our wood fire skills and I had to quickly make myself a hat since I decided I wouldn't pack any on the assumption that I would have time before the real weather kicked in. Dan's response to this dilemma - physician heal thyself. Fortunately I had plenty of handspun scraps around and head gear was quickly created.

Here is one of the locals who was pleased to see us arrive.

And we, her.

So nice to be home.

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ShannonAnn said...

Hi Robyn,
Welcome home! Good thing you made some hats, the wind has been brutal on the beach.