Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last Chance!

As part of preparations for our trip northward, I will be packing up all the items in my etsy shop and sending them to Devon House, the Craft Council shop in St. John's. So, if there is something you had your eye is your chance. If you buy something, mention this blog in your "Message to Seller" and I will refund you 20% of your total purchase. On Friday morning, I will be putting the shop on vacation mode and any and all orders will be mailed then.

Stayed tuned, however! I will be re-stocking with new items once we get the wood stove lit and get settled in. I seem to remember a substantial stash of fibre left in bins. I think I hear it calling.

Meanwhile, a couple of things have appeared, even at this late date.

The fabulous hat made with islandsweet wool (and a little bit of Malabrigo).

It was a delight to make - each stitch was like saying yum.

And this hefty skein of merino - I carded a hand painted roving that was just meh with some undyed merino (with help from the blogless Janine, who made a rare NYC appearance) and spun it thick and thin.

The result is quite lovely, I think. Much more subtle and less cloying than the original roving. Not to mention super soft.

If you are interested in either of these two items, let me know directly - I'll send you the details. I don't think I will list them on etsy, being all lazy, I mean, busy, like I am.

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