Thursday, August 14, 2014

Looking Beyond the Surface

Yesterday morning, I scuttled back down to the basement to finish dyeing the remaining fleece I had soaking.  I wanted to experiment with a more nuanced palette, what Ani called "watercolour" technique.  Must say that it was touch and go - they looked somewhat lame-ass right up until they were dry but now I am liking them.  Subtle, yes, but lovely.  The top two in the photograph are Shetland and the bottom two are BFL.

I think I have enough wool dyed now to keep me going through the winter.

I haven't posted any photographs of a skein of Louet calls "sock yarn" but I think is a bit thick for sock yarn.  I dyed it in my first go-round and somehow missed a big patch, leaving a blotch of white that looked clearly like a mistake and not like a deliberate patch of white.  The good thing about dyeing yarn (as opposed to fleece) is that you can re-dye it without worrying too much about felting.  So I tried again and I wasn't altogether happy with the second time around either.  It just looked a bit blah...


But I had a sneaking suspicion that its looks might improve when I balled it up, and lo...

I still don't think it is for socks but at least it is pretty.

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Stone Angel said...

Perhaps mittens???