Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Hardly Knew Ye

This evening we will start our journey southward.  Heading south just never sounds as good or interesting as heading north but we will do it nonetheless.  For us, it has been a quick visit.  And that's the thing - it feels like a visit and that feels not quite right.  These next few years will be full of changes with F&L beginning to make their way out in the world.  I am trying to just go with flow and not get too fixed in my ideas about how it is supposed to be or how it will be.  But then there is how it really feels, which is quite different from typing words onto a computer screen.  I suppose the thing of it is - we still will be getting on the ferry tonight and landing in Nova Scotia in the morning, getting a cup of Tim Hortons coffee just outside of North Sydney and driving 12 hours to Brewer, ME, staying at the Colony Motel ("Sleepy People Wanted") and having dinner at that place down the road before collapsing into bed and watching whatever trashy TV flickers before our eyes.  If we are lucky, that is.  How I feel about it really doesn't come into play.

Meanwhile, instead of packing and cleaning, I decided that I had to spin up one of my newly dyed rovings for a friend who, I was sure, would be desperately in need of some new yarn.  In fact, I had dyed the roving with her in mind.  She likes dark colours.

It was this one - one of the Merino/silk blends.  The silk took up the dye differently from the wool - much more blue.  As I spun it, the blue really became more prominent.  So much so that the resulting two-ply yarn looks almost like denim.  Not at all what I expected!

But lovely.  As my mother would say, Oh Robbie, that's so different.  (Different, from what??  She never clarifies that part.)  Not sure of the yardage but if I had to venture a guess, I would say around 300-350 yds.

Further meanwhile, this is a picture of the mink that Eleanor caught and killed the other evening.  I was cooking supper when she deposited it on the kitchen floor.  Quite an impressive gift, really.  Wild mink are not very nice creatures - they tend to be vicious - so hats off to Eleanor for actually killing it. was a little alarming.  Possibly less alarming than the live bird she carried in or the live voles that she has brought in, one of which is still at large.  I am fairly certain that it is not a good idea to leave a live vole alone in the house for the winter.  

So, here's hoping that Eleanor finishes her work and that the Cabot Strait has calm waters tonight!

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Jan Morrison said...

You were coming into Nova Scotia just as we were leaving it. We did the loop this time - left North West River and drove 700 or so klics to Red Bay, then Blanc Sablon ferry to St. Barbe (which I heard two guys call Saint Barbie which I sort of liked) and then down the west coast stopping at various beauteous places like Gros Morne and Bay of Islands! Then onto that same ole ferry to Cape Breton and home. We went back to Labrador the western route - up through New Brunswick - the Gaspe - Matane ferry to Bai Comeau and then in one foul swoop from Bai Comeau to home in one very very long but glorious day. Ah...
I know what you mean about visits only both my places would be generally thought of as rural and pleasant - the NS is a million times more urban than NWR. All we did is renovate and clean and sort and pack. Gah.
glad to be here...