Friday, August 08, 2014

Photo Fall-out

Here is the yarn that I spun from one of the dyed fleeces knit up into a swatch.  Yes, I will take one sweater knit in this, please.  Thank you.

Also spun up these two little skeins with the idea to make a hat for a friend who likes bright colours.  I made her a hat from yarn I made when I first started dyeing with Kool-Aid.  It was just as you might imagine in terms of colour but I used very scratchy wool so I always felt a little guilty when I would see her wearing the hat.  For better or worse, she (finally) lost the hat this past winter so I have an excuse to make her a new one.  I am thinking stripes might be the answer.  Results to follow.

Ms. Eleanor has opinions about all this fibre-y stuff.  Occasionally she comes bearing gifts...

When Ani was here she forced me to...well, not forced exactly...she suggested that I feel how soft the little vole's fur is, and she is correct.  He or she is very soft.  Crazy soft.  Soft like you might want to collect these little gifts and figure out a way to use their pelts to make a hat or cape but then some PETA-crazed activist would pour red paint on it because they didn't know that you were actually using, in a practical way, the remains of dead voles killed by your cat, so you set that idea aside and just take pictures instead.

PS.  Eleanor's name isn't really Eleanor.  Her owner calls her L'il Babe.  That's all I am saying about that.

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