Saturday, April 19, 2008

At Long Last

Did you knit for The Knitted Mile? Have you been saying to yourself, "I knit for that lady and was promised pictures of my own to keep and I ain't seen nothing yet!" Well, my great shame has, at long last, ended. I have finally made up little books of photographs for everyone who knit (the key word here is "little") and I will be mailing and distributing them early next week. My sincere apologies for the delay--your hard work was/is very much appreciated!

That said, I should warn you that there is a reason why I make projects that involve great lengths of knitting and not, say, handmade books. Let my love for you not be measured by the straightness of my cuts nor the accuracy of my measurements, but by the sincere intention with which these books were made.

1 comment:

Patti Blaine said...

And so it shall be! Thank you, Robyn. :)