Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Smack Down

"Give me a lot of yarn because I can knit garter stitch in my sleep." Such was my boast to one of Dan's co-workers who was coordinating the knitting of a baby blanket for a new baby who has joined the CTA family. Said blanket is a collection of seven 5" wide garter stitch stripes that get stitched together--perfect for a group project. It is made up of squares of colour that are alternated in a charming pattern of lighter to darker colours.

I received the yarn on Friday and proceeded to knit the oh-so-familiar strip of garter stitch with growing confidence that I would finish my contribution in one weekend and claim my prize as Most Fabulous Knitter. No amateur, no, not me.

Garter stitch in my sleep? Fabulous Knitter? Oh my dears, can you guess what I discovered as I reached for the last colour of the first stripe, all puffed up with accomplishment? Here's what I found: the colour "darker blue" and "navy" are not one and the same. And further, that "darker blue" (which I knit in "navy") was the second square of colour from the beginning. The one I needed to be knitting now, a good 25" later is the "navy" not the "darker blue" that I had in my hand.

Can you hear the knitting goddess laughing over the sound of rip-it, rip-it, rip-it?


Patti Blaine said...

Instant karma? And so it flows... :) Irony, thy name is Robyn.

island sweet said...

rip it out and pretent it never happened...