Sunday, April 13, 2008

Changing the World One Pad at a Time

In the way that redeems all the time-sucking waste of the internets, I stumbled across this website: They collect donations of re-usable menstrual pads (you can make them yourself--they have a pattern, or there are other places on the web with patterns) and distribute them to girls in Africa, where having no access to sanitary supplies, like menstrual pads, often means the end of schooling. A simple, yet powerful, act. And it all started with just one woman asking herself what she could do to help.

If there was ever a better reason to finally dust off my sewing machine...

PS. If you are not using re-usable pads yourself...what's stopping you? It is better for you and the planet. Plus the water you soak them in is like a miracle drink for plants. Everybody wins. Do it!

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