Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For Future Generations

Today we will be heading over to the Broadway branch of the Queens Public Library where Lucy and I will be leading a workshop on knitting and spinning. We are part of a new homeschooling group that formed because we all were frustrated by having to always travel to Manhattan for activites (somehow us traveling to Manhattan was not a big deal, but try to get someone who lives in Manhattan to travel to'd think they got nosebleeds or something). The group is lovely and as diverse as Queens itself. We started meeting one Wednesday/month, then we upped it to two Wednesdays/month and now we meet every week. The library has donated its basement space and we take full advantage of that generous offer. We try to mix structured time devoted to specific topics with open time for play and hanging out. Naturally, it was not too long before the topics of knitting and spinning came up - weird how that happens, right?

I have a variety of fibres to share: different breeds of sheep, alpaca, silk, cotton, angora, as well as my wheel, a spindle and maybe some pictures of sheep just for fun. The main point is to teach knitting, however, as there was a groundswell of interest among young and old. Hooray!

As a special bonus, a woman in our neighborhood was seriously de-stashing and I happily snatched it all up so I could share it with all these new knitters. Did I set aside some of the more tasty nuggets for myself? What do you think?

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